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Benefits of cardamom

14 amazing Benefits of cardamom- all about cardamom

Friends, If there is biryani or dessert, cardamom is very beneficial to enhance the taste in many food items. Cardamom can also be used as an aroma in tea. You will be surprised to know that there are many benefits of cardamom along with its special attractive aroma and taste, and cardamom also has many medicinal properties, due to these properties, cardamom’s properties prevent us from many physical problems. Beneficial to give But friends, you have to take special care that you can get some benefits of cardamom to get rid of the problems mentioned in this article of myhealthblogger, but it is not a cure for any physical problem. If you have any kind of problem, then you must visit the doctor.

In the next part of this article of Myhealthblogger, a lot of knowledge related to the benefits of eating cardamom has been told, before knowing it, let us know the types of cardamom.

Some main types of cardamomBenefits of cardamom

There are primarily two sorts of cardamom, one is green and the other is dark, which is likewise called large cardamom.
Green Cardamom: – It is additionally called genuine cardamom and is the most well-known assortment.  It is also called small cardamom.  It is exported from India to other countries.  Its scientific name is Elettaria cardamom.
  • This cardamom is utilized to improve the flavor of both sweet and pungent dishes.
  • It is additionally utilized in hot curries and milk-based dishes.
Dark Cardamom: – This cardamom initially has a place with the Eastern Himalayan area. It is developed generally in Sikkim, eastern Nepal, and parts of West Bengal, India. It is brown in color and slightly longer in shape, and It is also known as brown and red cardamom with large cardamom.
  •  Friends, cardamom is used in delicious food like biryani.
  •  It is a very important part of hot-spices.
  • Cardamom’s dark brown seeds are famous for their medicinal properties.
Friends, in the next part of the article, we are now going to explain in detail the benefits of cardamom.

  Main benefits of cardamom

Benefits of cardamom

 Friends, the health benefits of cardamom are many, about which we are going to tell the article in the next section.

1. Improve digestive health

If you have digestive problems, the benefits of cardamom can prove beneficial for you.  This is confirmed by two such research related to the medicinal properties of cardamom.  One research suggests that the small cardamom has properties of anti-inflammatory (inflammation-reducing properties) effect, which can prove to be very beneficial in relieving problems related to the digestive system.  And speaking of large cardamom, it has anti-ulcerogenic (reducing ulcer-causing risks) properties.  This quality of large cardamom can help us in relieving gastrointestinal disorders such as … constipation, gas, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.
Friends, in another research on cardamom, it has been found that cardamom also has stomachic (boosting appetite and improving digestion) properties.  Based on this research, it can be believed that cardamom has many benefits for the digestive system. Right now, further examination is as yet required on this subject.

2. For oral health

 Friends, the use of cardamom may prove beneficial for you in maintaining oral health.  There is a clear statement of this in dental research.  In this research, it has been assumed that cardamom seed oil has a significant amount of antiseptic (bacteria-destroying) properties.  Because of this, cardamom seed oil can help us to destroy the bacteria that cause mouth odor, and it can be a better solution to get rid of oral infections.  Therefore, it would be correct to say that the benefits of eating small cardamom can prove beneficial for oral health.

3. for the heart

Friends, talking about the benefits of large cardamom, it has a lot of antioxidants (free radicals removing properties) properties.  Its quality is very beneficial for our heart health.  Its benefits can also reduce your cholesterol levels to a great extent and the heart can benefit greatly.  In addition, it can provide relief for patients with ischemic heart disease (a disease caused by decreased blood flow).
An article published on the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology for Information) website also states that large cardamom can be more beneficial for health than green cardamom, because it is antihypertensive (low blood pressure  Do) may work more effectively on metabolic syndrome (a group of certain risk factors that cause many other problems with heart disease) due to its properties.  Based on all these facts, you can say that the benefits of large cardamom can prove to be helpful for you in maintaining heart health.

4. Benefits of cardamom in diabetes

Friends, if we talk about the benefits of small cardamom, it can also be effective for diabetes disease.  This is confirmed by research led by BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies. Research has found that green cardamom has an antioxidant (free radical destroying effect) effect.  These medicinal properties of these are beneficial in increasing the activation of insulin, and may also prove to be helpful in reducing the increased blood sugar to a great extent.  On this basis, it can be said that cardamom can benefit from the type-2 diabetes sufferers.

 5. Control blood pressure

 Friends, if you are a patient of high blood pressure then for this problem you can take benefits by eating cardamom.  This exploration has additionally been acknowledged by the examination branch of RNT Medical College, Udaipur. This research has revealed that small cardamom has the potential to reduce the increased blood pressure in both systolic (heart contraction) and diastolic states.  For this reason, you can say that the benefits of small cardamom can prove to be helpful for you in reducing the increased blood pressure to a great extent.

6. profitable in anxiety

On the off chance that we talk about the benefits of cardamom, at that point, the advantages of little cardamom can end up being extremely powerful for you to get alleviation from the tension issues. An examination distributed on the NCBI site identified with little cardamom found that it tends to be useful in diminishing uneasiness and stress. Nonetheless, further exploration has likewise been gotten some information about the advantages of cardamom by the way it works.

 7. Cardamom benefits in the problem of loss of appetite

 Friends, many people complain that they feel less hungry, in such a situation, the benefits of green cardamom can prove to help increase your appetite.  In this article, we have also mentioned to you in the above part that due to the stomachic properties, cardamom has been seen to improve digestion and increase appetite.  Let me tell you that along with green cardamom, you will get the same benefits as big cardamom.

 8. Avoid infection

 According to research done on the medicinal properties of cardamom, it has been found that it is also beneficial for us to protect against skin and body infection.  It has been considered in this research that cardamom has a significant amount of antimicrobial (microbial destroyer) properties which can reduce the infection.  At the same time, this property of cardamom can also be effective in fighting against bacteria especially Staphylococcus aureus.  Let us tell you that this bacteria can also be the cause of lung-related infections such as… pneumonia and skin infection.  For this reason, it would be correct to say that the use of green cardamom and large cardamom can help us to some extent to avoid such dangerous infections.

 9. Reduce the risk of cancer

 Due to all the medicinal properties of green cardamom, it can be used as home remedies to some extent against cancer.  Friends, according to research in a renowned university of Saudi Arabia, this has been revealed, and in this research, a research was done on mice related to skin cancer, in which it has been revealed that, in green cardamom, chemopreventive (cancer  Defender) properties are also included.  Therefore you can say that the benefits of green cardamom can be helpful for us in giving some relief to the risk of cancer.  But you still have to take care of this, cardamom consumption is not cancer cure at all, cancer is a dangerous disease and medical treatment is first necessary for its treatment.

 10. Cardamom to increase memory

Green cardamom is beneficial for you, but along with it the benefits of big cardamom are also beneficial in increasing memory.  According to this, according to an article written on research published on the NCBI website, it has been revealed that the medicinal properties of cardamom can also work to enhance memory.  Cardamom can be used in tea or in many other food items, and it is believed that a pinch of cardamom can increase brain capacity significantly, but there is still more research on it in the future.

11. To remove harmful substances

Friends, the benefits of green and large cardamom can prove to be helpful for us to a large extent to remove some harmful substances present in the body.  Many experts say that with the help of water in cardamom, the body can increase the ability of natural action to remove impurities inside.  Due to this ability, the benefits of green cardamom and large cardamom can help us in removing harmful substances from the body.

12. Beneficial for skin

The article recently expressed that cardamom may ensure against skin contaminations brought about by microorganisms Staphylococcus aureus. Simultaneously, another examination identified with cardamom finds that cardamom is additionally utilized in Ayurveda to make disease medication. On this premise, it tends to be accepted that the benefits of cardamom powder can demonstrate advantageous in restoring certain contaminations identified with the skin.

13. Helpful to prevent hiccups

 Friends, hiccups are not a disease, but this, due to many hiccups many times, we get a lot of trouble, so the benefits of cardamom have also been seen to get relief from this problem. Actually, according to research related to small cardamom, along with other health problems, it can also help in giving us relief from hiccups.  You probably know that small cardamom is also known as Ella in Ayurveda world.
Friends, after knowing the benefits of eating cardamom and what happens by eating cardamom, now we will talk about its nutritional elements.

Cardamom Nutritional Value

 You can learn about the nutritional elements of cardamom in detail through the chart given below.
Quantity Per 100 Grams
Energy Kcal311
Total Lipid (Fat) g
Carbohydrate g
Fiber (Total Diet)g28
Magnesium mg
Phosphorus mg178
Sodium mg18
Zinc mg7.47
Copper mg0.383
Manganese mg
Vitamin c mg21
Thiamine mg
Niacin mg1.102
Vitamin B6 mg0.23
Fatty acid (saturated) g0.68
Fatty acid (monounsaturated)
Fatty acid (polysaturated) g0.43

In the next part of the article, we will now give you information about how to use cardamom.

How to Use Cardamom


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