How to make hand sanitizer at home

How to make hand sanitizer at homeHow to make hand sanitizer at

As you all know, the disease is spread all over the world and it is a difficult task to protect yourself from such diseases, to avoid this you must use the best hand sanitizer, the Ministry of Health confirmation in the article. But due to the increasing demand for hand sanitizer in the recent market, many companies are selling low-quality hand sanitizer to customers, in the temptation to reduce the quality of the hand sanitizer, so if you are thinking that at home How to make a hand sanitizer? So this article can be beneficial for you. To make a good hand sanitizer, it is necessary to have more than 60 percent alcohol. To make a hand sanitizer at home, alcohol will be most needed.

In this article of today’s myhealthblogger, complete information about how to make hand sanitizer at home will be found in this article.

1: Alcohol required to make a hand sanitizer at home:

To make a sanitizer at home, you must first use isopropyl alcohol or you can use rubbing alcohol, which is the main ingredient for making hand sanitizer. This type of alcohol can be found at any pharmacy. Talking about rubbing alcohol, you must have noticed that whenever a doctor injects a patient, the liquid type of medicine used to clean the skin is rubbing alcohol, which can make you a hand sanitizer.

2: Sanitizer made from aloe vera gel at home

Aloe vera gel can make you a good and effective hand sanitizer. To make a home hand sanitizer from Aloe Vera gel, you will need to take half a cup of Aloe Vera gel. For this, you can remove the gel from the direct aloe vera plant, or you can use any brand of aloe vera gel.

3: Lemon for making sanitizer at home

If the smell of hand sanitizer may not be your favorite due to alcohol, then you can use lemon juice to reduce the smell of alcohol, which can give you a good smell to the sanitizer.

How to make hand sanitizer at home:

If you want to make a hand sanitizer at home, then take special care that alcohol and aloe vera gel should be in 2: 1 ratio. This means that you have to use two-thirds of alcohol and one-third use aloe vera gel, it is very important to make a good sanitizer.

Below is the method to make you a hand sanitizer.

  • In the beginning, you have to take a glass utensil in which in the same way as mentioned in the article above, you have to put one-third aloe vera gel with 2 thirds alcohol.
  • After this, you have to add 5 to 10 drops of lemon juice in the mixture of alcohol and gel, due to which the aroma of alcohol can be reduced.
  • Then mix all the ingredients well.
  • After that, fill this mixture with a bottle or utensil.
  • Friends, in this way you can make a good and good hand sanitizer at home and you can fight this virus well. This hand sanitizer can clean your hands immediately, due to which you can protect yourself from many types of viruses.

How to use sanitizer to avoid viruses?

  • Given below are some important measures by the World Health Organization.
  • Clean your hands every 1 or 2 hours. If you are cleaning your hands with soap, then clean your hands for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  • More than soap, you can use sanitizer for cleaning hands.
  • Where the crowd is more, stop yourself from going there.
  • Do not touch your mouth, eyes, and nose with hands at all as this will increase the risk of spreading the virus.
  • If there is a person close to you, then keep a distance from them, this will increase your risk of getting sick too.
  • While going out, wear a mask on your mouth.

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