why is saffron so expensive?

Why is saffron so expensive?

Hello friends, so how are you all? Welcome to the world of myhealthblogger. Today’s article is about saffron and why is saffron so expensive? You will find the answer in this article. So if you want to get more information about saffron then read this article till the end.

Saffron is very famous all over the world for its nutrients. For this reason, saffron is used to enhance food taste and nutrients. It is probably the nutrients that make saffron so expensive. Cultivation of saffron is very difficult and its plant grows only for 1 or 2 months in a year and it is not possible to cultivate it everywhere. In India also, it is cultivated only in some areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

Now let’s know why saffron is so expensive?

Why is saffron so expensive?why is saffron so expensive?

There is not only one reason why saffron is so expensive. The reason is that its cultivation cannot be done everywhere, it requires a special environment and place. The saffron flowers are known as crocus. Those who cultivate saffron say that cultivating and harvesting saffron is a very difficult task. But the real reason that makes saffron so expensive is its properties which are very beneficial for us. Out of 50000 flowers, only 300 grams of saffron can be obtained. If we talk about the price of saffron, then it can be priced between 1 or 3 lakh per kg.

Let us now know about the benefits of saffron…

Benefits of Saffron-Benefits of Saffron

There are many benefits of saffron for us. Saffron is mostly grown in Jammu and Kashmir. For the cultivation of saffron, it is very important to cool the atmosphere which is found in Jammu and Kashmir. Saffron is also cultivated abroad in countries such as Turkey, China, Italy, and Iran.

Talking about the benefits of saffron, it is very beneficial for increasing brain capacity. This saves your brain from getting stressed. Saffron can prove to be very beneficial for pregnant women. Along with this, it is also beneficial in improving the skin.

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Because of so many benefits of saffron, today it is most commonly used to give even more flavor to the food items. Saffron is also used to make medicines. If you go to Kashmir, then drink tea there, because the popular tea of ​​Kashmir is made with a mixture of honey almond, and saffron.

Saffron Tea: Saffron tea has many benefits. You can have many benefits by drinking it during the winter season. Saffron tea is considered very beneficial for the digestive system. This, also makes the defense system stronger. To make this tea, you can make it by mixing cloves and cinnamon with some saffron in water.

Saffron with Milk: You can get many benefits by mixing saffron in hot milk. You must have advised your elders to drink saffron milk. By taking it, you will be relieved of stress with good sleep and you will get mental relief.

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